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Linux/Redhat Dialup Configuration

These instructions are also available on your computer.

Just double click on the "Getting Online" Icon.

  1. After you have signed up for an ISP, turn on your computer and a screen similar to this one will appear. This will take a few minutes, so please be patient.

2. Then, using the left hand button on your Mouse double click on the "RH PPP Dialer" Icon

(A Double click is when you press the Mouse button twice in rapid succession)

3. A small window like this will appear.

With "Your_ISP_Here" highlighted.

4. Click once on "OK".
5. This window will appear.

Click once on "No".

6. This window will appear.

Using the Right button on your Mouse click once on the black square.

7. A menu like this will drop down.

With the left mouse button click on "Configure PPP".


When this window appears type in the word home. The password is case sensitive so do not capitalize any of the letters.

As you type you will see a series of asterisks appear.

When you finish click on "OK".

9. This window will appear.

Click once on the typed line to highlight it in blue.

10. Then click on the "Edit" button.
11. When this window appears highlight the account name and replace the "Your_ISP_Here" with the name of your ISP.

For example if your ISP was "" you would type that in.

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