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02/02/06 New Members Portal - Update your information!

We have a new page where our customers can log in and change thier billing address, update billing and check thier usage and more.
The page is at:
You can use the new portal if you receive a billing notice from us and update your information!

2006-01-30 Changes to our credit card processing system

This is an update to the message below which we posted on 01/21.
If you receive a billing notice that has an AVS mis match error or address match error please contact us with your billing address. It is that simple. Once we have the correct billing address the issue will be corrected. You can send the billing address to us at or call us. Email is the preffered method so we are able to copy and paste the address.

Changes to our credit card processing system 2006-01-21 00:07:21
Tomorrow night we will be changing over to our new credit card processing company. This company is a little more strict about address checking and verification than was our old company. So it is possible that some of the regular monthly charges might be declined, with a message stating something about address verifcation.

01-24-05 Fiber cut that is affecting all of Southern California

There is a fiber cut that is affecting all of Southern California. There was a train derailment in Colorado that caused this to occur. WN has stated that on Tuesday, January 24th they will be on the scene of the issue and will be repairing it accordingly.

01-20-06 Changes to our credit card processing system

Tomorrow night we will be changing over to our new credit card processing company. This company is a little more strict about address checking and verification than was our old company. So it is possible that some of the regular monthly charges might be declined, with a message stating something about address verifcation. If you get such a warning notice, please copy it and email it to us at Or just give us a call. Our new toll free number is 1-866-577-6903. For these sorts of issues, press option 3.

01/09/06 Trouble with our new phone system

We are using a new system for the phones which has had a bit of trouble. It is not working today and we are working to get this resolved a.s.a.p.

12/30/05 We Will Be Closed Jan. 2

We will be closed Monday Jan. 2 2006

2005-12-29 New email domain name for new customers

We are now using the domain for all new customers. The name is what our website name is so changing it from to makes more sense. It helps us to get our name out there.

2005-12-15 People in need of access numbers for traveling

To find access numbers please go to-
Do not choose a city where you might be billed for a long distance charge. You will be responsible for such charges.
Sign in with your dial up username and password.
Then, enter the area code(s) you want numbers for.
You can download the numbers or write them down so you can enter them manually when you get to your destination.
Please keep in mind if you download them for automatic set up the last number you add will become your default connection.
If you still want to use your original connection you will need to go to Internet Options, Connections and change the default connection back to the one you want until you go on your trip.

Use these same steps if you are moving to another area and need a different access number.
*We have posted it in system message because we get so many calls for this.

The company where all of the SPAM was coming from

The past 2 days we posted that we were having problems with spammers targeting our blogs. This is what caused the webmail, website and blog problems. THEY are If you have a chance to express your displeasure at their actions, please feel free.
NOTE: v3 is partners with FortuneCity
FROM v3's site;
Dear V3 Customers,
We are pleased to announce that we are consolidating all of our customers under the FortuneCity brand name.
Here is the contact URL to FortuneCity if you feel like voicing any complaints to them as well.

UPDATE-numbers in Texas are experiencing routing issues RESOLVED

We have tested this and are no longer able to replicate issues with these numbers. If problems persist please let us know. We we will be happy to help in any way we can.

10/12/05 UPDATE - Running much better

We have beaten back most of the spam issue. The blogs are still offline for now- until we can make sure this does not happen again. We regret all of the problems for the past 2 days and appreciate all of our customers hanging in there with us.

10/12/05 Blogs are currently shut down and Webmail is DOWN this morning

We do not have an ETR at this time but we are aware of the problems and are working to get them resolved.
Due To The Spam Problem on our web server 2005-10-11 We have diverted traffic to our blogs for a while. So you will not be able to access any of the blogs until we turn them on again.
**YESTERDAY'S ISSUE: Our web server has been under attack since early this morning by spammers targeting our blogs. Even though their requests are being totally rejected, they continue to hammer at the server at the rate of 3-5 requests per SECOND. The overall effect is to slow down web page response times somewhat. This will include the webmail interface, which also runs off of that server. Things are still running slow this morning 10/12 because of the problem.
The slow down is causing timeout errors and page not found for many of our webpages INCLUDING WEBMAIL.
We apologize for this inconvenience.

10/12/05 Certain numbers in Texas are experiencing routing issues

Customers can connect but not browse.
Numbers affected during this ticket :
- 9727590615
- 9728520615
- 9726650615

Calls for Outlook Express Tutorials on the rise

We cannot "teach" anyone how to use Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email client. These "tutorial" calls are usually 45 minutes long or more. While we are trying to explain things to a customer on "how to use Outlook Express" (which is not our responsibility) other people may be trying to call because they cannot connect to the Internet or another issue that IS our responsibility.

If you choose the use these programs you will need to seek help from the company that makes the product. Our job is to help you with set up issues should you encounter them or send/receive issues depending on the error message you may receive. Some error message in these email clients have nothing to do with our service but is related to the software. It is important to make note of the EXACT error message and the number of the error message. We have a page listing many of the most common ones here
We offer the ability to use email clients with our email but once it is set up (all settings are correct) and there is nothing wrong with the mail server that is the end of our responsibility and you will need to find help from the software vendor.
We do our best to post error messages and the resolution for them on our site but our customers need to read the help for it to do any good.
The email help page is located here - Email Information & Help by

New rootkit removal tool added

*NEW! F-Secure BlackLightTM Click here to check it out
And if you have not seen the rootkit page yet you may want to check it out Here

07/27/05 IMPORTANT!

One of our customers sent us a copy of an email he received that LOOKED like it came from the support staff at GCT.
It is not/was not from us and we want to make sure everyone is aware that someone may be sending out emails that appear to be from us.

This particular message was this-
Dear user,
Your account was used to send a huge amount of spam messages during the last week. Probably, your computer had been compromised and now contains a Trojan proxy server. Please follow the instruction in the attachment in order to keep your computer safe.

Have a nice day, user support team.

The message came from From: < > so it is NOT from us and we do not sign the emails in that way either. We would NOT be sending an attached file to anyone except in a case where a customer requested some access numbers or something like that from us and we would send it attached in PLAIN TEXT ONLY- and again- ONLY BY REQUEST FROM A CUSTOMER.
So if you get any suspicious emails like this please DO NOT OPEN THEM AND NEVER OPEN THE ATTACHMENT!

06/28/05 Please have your computer ON when you call technical support!!!!!!!!

Free downloads - Manual set up files

We have added some files that can be downloaded from our site.
The files are in .pdf format, black and white and zipped - .zip *We will be adding more downloads soon
Outlook Express Set Up
ThunderBird Set Up
XP Set Up
Trouble Shooting

06/13/05 A Reminder for customers planning to travel

If you plan to take a trip and are going to use the dial up service while traveling
please remember to look up access numbers BEFORE leaving on your trip.
You can do that by going to:
Log in at that page with your DIAL UP USERNAME and your password then enter the area code you want access in

06/09/05 Email Scam Warning!

Dear Valued Member,
According to our site policy you will have to confirm your account by the following link or else your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.
Thank you for your attention to this question. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Sincerely,Gct21 Security Department Assistant.



RootKit Removal Tools - Click Here

Free Firewall Page

Check it out here!


We already have some Outlook Express help but this one is a little bit different.
The new page has tips and tricks as well as troubleshooting
Click here to go to the OUTLOOK EXPRESS TROUBLESHOOTING page

Free Dial Up Page - NOT

Just a point of view of some of the services offering "free" dial up


Anyone who is on network H needs to be moved to another network A.S.A.P
If your log in has an h in it please call us now so we can make the change
Example: - you are on H and need to contact us now. 1-800-603-3022

New Internet Explorer Error Page!

Internet Explorer Errors

New Internet Intercom !!

Internet Intercomtm means that you use the internet connection to send telephone quality sound to another person on the internet. You can have a conversation with any person on the planet without any telephone toll charges. Have a loved one overseas, a relative in France, or a salesman in Japan? You can converse with him or her for as long as you like, any time of the day or night. This service is now available for $12.50 per month. Click Here for more information

Pop Up Blocker - Information

The page is located Here

Free Anti Virus and Security Tools - Downloads NEW! 04/28/05

We have added as a courtesy for our customers a new page that has some anti virus programs, firewall and other security programs. You can download some of the tools directly from our site but please note that we are not responsible for these tools. We are only providing them to our customers as suggestions and if you choose to use any of the tools or suggestions from our site you are responsible for any "glitches" that may occur on your system. We encourage all of our customers to read about the different options as well as to visit the websites of the vendors that actually offer the tools
Free Anti Virus page can be found by clicking here

Anti Phishing, Pharming, Rootkit Page Added!

We have added some new security pages!
Anti Phishing, Anti Pharming Click Here
RootKit Removal Tools Click Here

Please read our TIPS page!

Dial Up Service Tips by Connectto Click Here

03/29/05 New Email Information Page Added

We have added a new E-mail page in an effort to help people understand what happens when they send emails. The page is about .To, CC. and BCC. as well as some tips on how to send effective emails. Click here to get to the page

New web page for MOH questions

The new Modem On Hold Page is here

3/2/05 Turbo customers should upgrade to Propel soon

We will begin phasing out Turbo and Slipstream soon.
Anyone using Turbo or Slipstream should upgrade to Propel soon.
Propel is faster than Turbo and much more stable.
Once we phase Turbo and Slipstream out from our service we will no longer provide support for either of those programs but of course we will be providing support for Propel.

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the "PHISHING SCAMS" that are going around in e mails now.
These scams are not new but they are becoming more of a problem now
Please do not open any email from banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and places like that unless you do business with that company.
More important:
If you think that a legitimate company you normally do business with is trying to contact you, play it safe and call them
or visit their website as you normally would but not through any link sent to you via email that asks for personal information updating!
Please report any of these you receive to us at: we will need the full headers so you may forward them to us if you need to.
For more on pharming, phishing scams as well as security tools click here

You can check out our security page-it is not updated everyday but there is some useful information there as well.
Virus and Security