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2005-12-29 New email domain name for new customers

We are now using the domain for all new customers. The name is what our website name is so changing it from to makes more sense. It helps us to get our name out there.

11/10/05 Checks Mailed Late

Checks were mailed out late, they were mailed earlier this week. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The NEW Affiliate blog

We have added a blog just for our affiliates. The weblog (blog) has been created just for you. In it, we intend to keep you informed of upcoming plans that we have to help you increase your affiliate earnings, and to increase the satisfaction of your end users. Click here to go to the blog

Some Free Banners

We are working on some "web standard" banners. You can have a look at them here if you like. There is nothing there too spiffy yet and not many banners but we are working on it so check back often

Some good ways to market on the Internet

The information includes; Some Internet marketing firms and a few marketing related resources
Some good ways to market on the Internet click here


From now on all dial up users can download Propel for free if they want!
You can get it here

07/13/05 Affiliates asking about NetZero HiSpeed 3G - thinking it is 256k

It is not 256k, broadband or any such animal. It is only a web accelerator just like Propel and may even be Propel branded to NetZero.
Here is a link to an article posted about it and a brief summary of what the article says;

**The beginning of the article > So, a few weeks ago I made a post where I discussed the Netzero HiSpeed 3G commercial that I saw while watching TV. I called out NetZero for the way they were promoting the service, saying that you won’t believe it isn’t broadband. I then searched their site for the Terms of Service, and posted them to Gear Live. I pointed out how it basically sped up text transfer and images. Basically, none of the things that people get broadband for in the first place - multimedia streaming, downloads, VOIP, etc. - had any different on NetZero 3G. I also stated that the 3G term was misleading, as many understand it to be a truly broadband way of transferring data. Well, Peter Delgrosso took offense to the post. He works with NetZero, and pointed out his stance on the situation. I responded, offering to review the service and give an honest opinion - he never wrote back.

Update to post from 06/29/05

NOTE: The main reported trouble seems to be the area code issue.
We put the area and country code in the correct fields in the .INS and .ISP file to help end-users. This is because we have no idea how to dial directly from every location. Some people have 7 digit dialing, 10 digit dialing, and yet other may need to dail 9 to get an outside line. It is the end-users job to enter their area code and dialing rules in their computer to dial number correctly. If we hard code the area code in the access number than people who need not dial the area code would have trouble.

06/30/05 The response from the letter that was sent out to affiliates in May was overwhelmingly positive

We intend to start propel for free as soon as we can get it programmed.
Existing propel users wiill become free and commission payments to affiliates for Propel will stop.
Anybody who received an acceleration commission this month also received a written letter giving them 10 days to object to the change.

2 Affiliates have reported to us that occasionaly some of the sign up files do not work

We have asked that people report this to us but....
If you are going to report it we will need some information about the issue;
1. The access number WITH area code
2. The call FROM number, meaning the number from which the modem was trying to dial from
3. The error message, operator message, busy signal, etc.
4. Where you downloaded or received the set up file from.
5. The network if possible
6. If you were able to modify something to resolve it what did you do?
All of this information will help us to resolve the issue.
Please send examples to Thanks!

Does anyone read the blog page?

Security & Technical Support Information Click here to check it out

05/24/05 Affiliate letter went out, some of you may not have received it

Here is a copy of the letter
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:12:58 -0700 (PDT) [05/17/05 11:12:58 PDT]
Subject: ConnectTo.Net Affiliate Information
Dear ConnectTo.Net Affiliate:
As you know, we are currently offering the Propel accelerator to your refferees at a cost of $4.95 per month. We are exploring the idea of offering the accelerator at no extra cost with all of our ConnectTo.Net accounts. However, this would mean that we would have to discontinue commission payments on the accelerator. Underlying commissions on the base accounts would remain the same.

We are interested to know your reaction to such a change.
Please email us at changes@ConnectTo.Net

A new tool to make Custom Dialup CD's !

Affiliate Joe Ferdinando has created a neat tool for those of you who want to make multiple access number CD’s and floppies
You can get to his page by clicking here:

4/13/05 Re-load browser question and answer

Q: You have a note in the Back Office stating that we can lose our Back Office privileges if we continue to reload the Utilities.
How are we supposed to make our CDs for getting customers?
How often can we reload that page without consequences?
A: The message regarding reloading only applies to the down line report.
Due to the size of our affiliate and customer databases displaying each persons down line takes system resources.
If you where to sit and reload the down line report page over and over again you would be hogging system resources that other users may need.
There is no exact limit but if problems arise we would audit activity to determine the cause and restrict that accounts access.
All other feature of the back office have no such related possible trouble.
Basically anything but sitting and reload your down line report every minute is acceptable use of the affiliate back office.

3/2/05 256k Technology Update

Some of you received and email from us late last year mentioning we are working on a 256k connection
Here is what was sent
We expect the release of new dialup technology early next year which
will allow dialup customers to connect at 256K, instead of the current 56K
limit. ConnectTo.Net is already at work implementing this new technology.
We will let you know as soon as it's ready.

As of today - 3/2/05 we do not have any "new" information about this except that the project is on schedule
and the release date is expected to be sometime in June 2005
We will let everyone know via email and posting to this page
as well as our system messages page as soon as we have more information

What is the minimum age requirement to become an affiliate?

18 because the affiliate must be able to enter an agreement

05/24/04 Clear up Billing Confusion

On our website it states:
"Why pay for your internet connection, when you can get it for free?
Sign up 4 users plus yourself, and your internet connection is free.
This does not mean you will not be billed for your monthly internet service.
What this means is if you sign up enough people you will then be earning enough from
our company to receive a check every month that would pay for your internet service with us.
We must continue to bill you for your monthly service no matter how many paid accounts
you have in your downline.

03/02/04 New Policy

In the future there will be a $15 charge to make changes
when affiliates do not use the correct affiliate code for their sign ups.
Meaning, if you sign someone up and they do not end up in your downline
your choice will be to pay $15.00 to get them moved or forget about it.
This is due to the HIGH number of affiliates using incorrect URL's and constantly having us
move sign ups and affiliate sign ups.
Please make sure that you give out/use the correct URL to avoid this charge.

Session Expired Message

If you are logging into the affiliate back office and you are getting a "session expired" or other error messages
please check that your cookies are enabled.
Find out how to resolve this below

My browser does not have cookies enabled!
"Your web browser options are currently set to disable cookies.

To work around this behavior, set your privacy level to low or to accept all cookies:
In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
On the Privacy tab, move the settings slider to Low or Accept All Cookies.
Click OK.
If this does not work, check the date and time on your computer.
Make sure the correct date and time are entered then try the site again.

    Also, information from Microsoft Support if the fix above does not work

This article was previously published under Q317689
When you attempt to browse to a Web site, you may receive an error
message similar to the following:

Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies.
This behavior may occur even though your Web browser is configured to accept cookies.
NOTE: You may not experience this problem when you browse to other Web sites.
This behavior can occur in the following situation:
You browse to a Web site that is saved in your list of Favorites.
The Favorite for the Web site is damaged.
To resolve this problem, remove the Web site from your list of Favorites,
and then again add it the list. To do this, follow these steps:
Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.
On the Favorites menu, click Organize Favorites.
In the list of Favorites, click the Favorite for the Web site where you have the problem.
Click Delete, and then click Yes to send the item to the Recycle Bin.
Click Close.
Quit and then restart Internet Explorer.
Browse to the Web site that you want to again add to your Favorites list.
On the Favorites menu, click Add to Favorites, and then click OK.
Click here to go to the Microsoft article if you wish


You will see a notice like this when logging into your affiliate back office:
Note: Each time you load this page the server must rebuild your downline using web server resources.
Reloading this page over and over can put undue stress
on the web server and database storing the downline.
We are working on new features to prevent such problems;
however until complete continual reloads of the downline report will
cause banning your access to the affiliate back office.
Get to Back Office here

Affiliate Payment answers

How are we paid?
Payments are made for the number of accounts open on the last day of the month.
Accounts closed before the end of the month are not paid,
and accounts opened just a day before the last day are paid in full.

I am an affiliate and my customer can't connect!

Have they called us for tech support?
We understand that you are trying to re-sell services but you do not have the tools needed to offer full tech support to people.
If you have a customer that is having trouble with connecting,
email or anything you cannot help them with please have them contact us.
They can either call us or send us an email with the details of the problem.
You can also have a look at the FAQ's or Troubleshooting pages or ask them to have a look themselves.

I am an affiliate, how do I change my password to log in to Admin?

Go to the admin page:

I am an affiliate, where can I check my downline?

Go to:
Log in with your user ID and password.

I am an affiliate, can I make disks to hand out to people for sign up?

Yes, go to:

When people sign up under me they are not showing up in my downline!
You need to make sure your affiliate ID is entered correctly.
Your URL should look something like this:
But of course YOUR ID should be where the number is.
If customers are not showing up in your downline and you are SURE everything is correct,
then send us an email to: support@ConnectTo.Net with your ID, name, their ID and name and we will look into it.

I thought by signing up as an affiliate I get a website from you?

No, not from us unless you are a DIAL UP CUSTOMER.
If you signed up on a site that states you get a web site you need to go back to that site and ask them.

I should get a check for my downline! Where is my check?

The checks are paid (paid meaning MAILED) during the last 2 weeks of the month.
If you have not received a check AFTER that then contact us.

What about taxes? Do I get a 1099?

You will get a 1099 at the end of the year if you receive over $600 a year.