Dial Up and EMail Set Up

Windows Setup

NEW! Download Windows XP Set Up Instructions Here!(.pdf file)

Windows 95,98,ME - Instructions for Manual Configuration
Install Dial Up Networking for Windows NT 4.0
Configure Dial-Up Networking for Windows NT 4.0
Windows XP Setup
Windows CE Configuration

Macintosh Related Information

Setting up Mail in Mac OS X
Macintosh Set Up
Macintosh - OS 10 Set Up
Macintosh - OS 8 Set Up
iMac Set Up
***MAC Connect to the Internet/Troubleshoot your Internet connection
***Please note that when following any of the set up instructions you may see "old" IP addresses.
Please use these IP Adresses for MAC's: and
NOTE: If you are having trouble with connecting make sure "Apple Talk" is turned on
This is a hint from Larry, one of our MAC users :)

Linux Red Hat

Red Hat Setup Click Here
Connecting a standalone computer to an ISP using a modem and PPP - Click Here
Notes about DNS name resolution - Click Here
Diald Howto - Click Here

EMail Program Settings

NEW! Download Outlook Express Set Up Instructions Here!(.pdf)

Thunderbird Setup

Download Thunderbird

Outlook Express Setup

Outlook Express Frequently Asked Questions (Microsoft Site)

Outlook Express 5 How-To Guide (Microsoft Site)

Eudora Set Up (Windows) (Eudora Site)

Eudora Set Up (Mac) (Eudora Site)

Incredimail Mail Help (Incredimail Site)

Mail Servers

News Server
TCP/IP Settings
Dns Servers

Browser Downloads:

*How To Switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Help, Tips and Tricks
Camino (Mozilla For MACs)
 Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator

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