Dial Up Service Tips by Connectto

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Calls for Outlook Express Tutorials on the rise

We cannot "teach" anyone how to use Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email client. These "tutorial" calls are usually 45 minutes long or more. While we are trying to explain things to a customer on "how to use Outlook Express" (which is not our responsibilty) other people may be trying to call because they cannot connect to the Internet or another issue that IS our responsibility.

If you choose the use these programs you will need to seek help from the company that makes the product. Our job is to help you with set up issues should you encounter them or send/receive issues depending on the error message you may receive. Some error message in these email clients have nothing to do with our service but is related to the software. It is important to make note of the EXACT error message and the number of the error message. We have a page listing many of the most common ones here
We offer the ability to use email clients with our email but once it is set up (all settings are correct) and there is nothing wrong with the mail server that is the end of our responsibility and you will need to find help from the software vendor.
We do our best to post error messages and the resolution for them on our site but we are realising that many customers do not read any of them. :-(
The email help page is located here - Email Information & Help by ConnectTo.net

We cannot stress this enough

When you are having trouble connecting to the Internet- Please, please try shutting off your computer, leave it off for 2 minutes, re start it and once it is all FINISHED starting up you can then retry the connection.
Most times a re-boot, re-start will NOT work but a shut down will help to resolve the problem.
Once you have done that and you still have problems, and you are sure your username, password and access number are entered correctly then give us a call.

How do I change my billing information?

At the present time you will need to call us
We do not have an online page to change it yourself
You can call us or send an email-if you are sending an email please make sure you include your dial up username

* Sometimes we get calls from customers saying they cannot browse the internet or they cannot "see" a particular web page.
Other complaints have been a customer cannot log into a website asking for a username and password.
If the site(s) in question are not our websites we probably cannot help you with this.
We do not have any control over your browser or what issues you may have with it.
Also, connecting to the internet and "browsing" "seeing web pages" are two different things.
We provide connectivity, not a browser. If you go to a website that you need to log into and you are having trouble with it the issue can be many different things. It could be that you have an old version of the broswer, your secuirity settings are set too high, you need to enable cookies or you have a firewall that is preventing you from logging in.
Please try to refrain from calling us for these issues unless the website in question is OUR website or you have exhasted all resolution attempts on your end.
Also, different browsers behave and "see" things differently. An example is if a website can be viewed great using Internet Explorer but now with Netscape. These browsers are different and sometimes websites are designed for use with Internet Explorer and really cannot be viewed using Netscape.
In that case just use Internet Explorer instead of Netscape.
If you do not have IE just download it from Microsoft.
We will do our best to assist you with issues like this but it is important that you understand that it is not the type of tech support that we normally provide and will have to take a "back seat" to connectivity issues and email problems. This means that we can TRY to help you with those issues when and if we have some extra time to do it.

* If you are having problems with email using Outlook, Outlook Express or some other mail program try using webmail
to find out if there is something wrong with your settings before calling support.


*** When you notify us to cancel your account we will cancel it right then,
that day- unless you specify a date no more or less than 3 days prior to your billing date. Once closed, your account will not be re opened unless you sign up online and pay the set up fee

E-Mail Issues
My email is stuck!
I am trying to download it and it is getting stuck on a message and then I get a timeout error!

When this happens using Outlook, Outlook Express or any other email client you need to make note of what message it is getting stuck on.
There is usually a number on the message.
The best thing to do is to go to webmail and log in.
The webmail is at: http://webmail.connectto.net/
Log in and find the email that is giving your trouble and delete it.
That should resolve your issue once you log out of webmail and back into your email client.
Please note that sometimes there is more then one email that will be causing a problem so you may have to repeat this process.