ThunderBird Set Up

Thunderbird - To Create an Email account

1. Click on create a new account
2. Choose email account and click next
3. Enter your name in the space provided
4. Enter your email address in the space provided and click next
5. Select the type of server- POP
6. Enter the name of your incoming server in the space provided and click next
7. Enter incoming user name- joeblow
8. Account name- this is for your purposes, leave whatever is entered or change it to something you recognize for the account

Now the account is set up. You should check the Outgoing server settings at this point.
1. Click on View settings for this account
2. Click on server settings (left hand side)
3. Click on advanced (lower right hand side)
4. Then click the SMTP tab.
It should have either or, click ok.
If you need to change the SMTP, click on SMTP in the left hand pane- you should then be able to change the SMTP server settings.
Use name and password must be checked, and the user name should appear like this joeblow-not
Use secure connection should be NO.

If you need more help with settings or features you will need to consult with Mozilla about it or check out some websites that are dedicated to Thunderbird.
Since we did not create or support the program we can only offer advice as far as enabling the program to work with your email address you have with our service.
Anything beyond that you will need to find on your own or contact Mozilla.
You are welcome to use the search box below to find more information or help for Thunderbird


Thunderbird Outgoing mail settings

Verify the settings in Thunderbird exactly match what we have provided -- No typos (e.g. "smpt"), extra spaces,
punctuation mistakes (e.g. no commas instead of periods) or capitalization errors (e.g. lowercase instead of Caps)
Click Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP) (at the bottom of the left pane -- you may need to scroll down), and double-check:

* Server Name -SMTP.GCT21.NET
* Use name and password: Your username is not your full email address (e.g. "") it is only the part before the "@" ("joeblow")
* Use secure connection: Select No.
* Port: Should be 25 by default
Also, click Tools > Account Settings > [account name] > Server Settings > Advanced > Smtp and verify the correct SMTP server is selected there (SMTP.GCT21.NET).
If you see "Relay access denied" or "Relaying denied" errors, be sure to verify this setting.

Thunderbird SMTP Authentication

We require SMTP authentication, and you will need to use the "Use name and password" option for our SMTP server.
To set up the SMTP server for authentication follow these steps:

* Go to Tools->Account Settings->Outgoing Server (SMTP)
* Check the "Use name and password option"
* Add your username, this is the first part of the username -do not add
* Click OK.
Thunderbird will ask you for your password the first time you send email and you can optionally save it at that time.
Note: SMTP authentication has nothing to do with using a secure connection, or the "Use secure authentication" option which is for POP3, not SMTP. Please DO NOT USE SECURE AUTHENTICATION

If you have trouble sending email after you are sure it is configured correctly please check;
Firewalls and Antivirus
Verify that your firewall or your antivirus program is not blocking Thunderbird.
If you recently upgraded Thunderbird, verify that the firewall is not blocking the new version.
Verify Thunderbird is in online, not in offline, mode: Click File > Offline; Work Offline should be unchecked.
If you send a message while in offline mode, it goes to the Unsent Messages folder in Local Folders.

ConnectTo blocking port 25

In an effort to stop spam, we block all traffic to port 25 on anything except our own SMTP servers.