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How does Modem on Hold work?

Modem on Hold (MOH) is a technology available with the new V.92 protocol (V.92 FAQ) that allows a user to take a phone call while connected to the Internet.
The following article explains the requirements, how it works, and tips for troubleshooting.

* V.92 modem [drivers for SV92P]
* V.92 dial-up access number
* MOH software (provided by the modem manufacturer) [MOH for SV92P]
* Call Waiting service (provided by your telephone company)

How it works:

* When someone calls your house when you are online, the MOH applet will pop up telling you that you have an incoming call. Depending on your software, you may have a button stating "Take the call" or "Ignore." Clicking "Ignore" will allow the call to go unanswered, while clicking "Take the call" will put your internet connection on hold and allow you to answer the incoming call.
* When you pick up the phone, a timer is displayed, giving you 4 minutes to talk before the Internet connection is disconnected.
* Once you are done talking you can hang up. Click the "Reconnect" button to reestablish the connection. It takes about 10 seconds to reconnect, during which time you may hear the modem negotiation tones (screeching sounds).
* If the timer expires, the internet connection is discontinued and the phone call will go on uninterrupted.


If MOH does not appear to work use the following steps below to get it functioning properly:

1. Restart the computer. If MOH was working previously and suddenly stopped working, restarting the computer may solve the issue.

2. Verify you are using an access number which supports V92, you can check the access number lookup and see if the access number you are using has a V92 next to it. Dial Up Numbers - click here
If it does not, it is not a V92 access number.
Choose from the list an access number that has V92 next to it.
If you do choose a new access number please make sure it is a local call for you. We are not responsible for any toll charges.

3. Verify you have Call Waiting. Call the telephone company and verify that call waiting is enabled on the telephone line you are using to connect.

4. Verify that the connection is not set to disable call waiting. Check the number in your connection to make certain *70 or other call waiting cancel codes are not entered.

5. Verify MOH software is installed and active. A V92 modem by itself will not automatically enable MOH. A separate software package is required for MOH to function. Typically this software is included with the modem, but you may need to check the manufacturer's website for the program. When installed, there should be an icon in your taskbar that indicates the MOH software is active.

6. Verify MOH software matches the modem. MOH software must match the chipset of the modem you are using. Example: US Robotics V92 modems cannot use MOH software from Agere. Check with the manufacturer's web site for correct versions.

7. Reinstall MOH software. If the software is malfunctioning or your software suddenly stops working, the software may need to be reinstalled. Simply remove the program using Add/Remove programs and reinstall per the instructions included with the modem.

8. Update your modem drivers and MOH software. MOH is a new technology that modem manufacturers are working with. As the technology becomes more prevalent, newer versions of software are released that include bug fixes and other updates. We recommend checking with the modem manufacturer for any updates to your modem driver or MOH software.

9. Try another modem.

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