Outlook Express and Outlook Set Up Filter Rules

If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express or Outlook 2000 (Or greater) as your email client you can use the "Rules Wizard" to filter any unwanted email directly to your "Deleted Items" folder.
It's easy to create, modify and edit the "Rules" Outlook will use when receiving email.

1. Open Outlook
2. Click on "Tools"
3. Click on "Rules Wizard"
4. Click the button labeled "New"
5. Select "Check for messages when they arrive" and click "Next"
6. Scroll down the next list and click on "With specific words in the subject or body"
7. Click on "Specific words" in the section that appears below the list and a new window will open
8. Enter any words you want the rule to look for and click "Add" after you enter each word
9. When you have finished entering all words you want filtered click "Next"
10. Click on "Delete it" and click "Next"
11. Click "Next" again. 12. On the final screen give the Rule a name like, "Bad Words", and make sure that you have selected "Turn on this rule" and
then click on the "Finish" button
13. Click on "OK" and your new rule will be activated.
If you ever want to make modifications to the rule all you have to is click on "Tools" -> "Rules Wizard".
Select the rule you want to modify and click on the "Modify" button.
Click on the underlined words and you will be able to add and remove any words you want to filter email for.